Building a Private Practice

Steps to an Online Private Practice

How To Build An Online Private Practice

When building a private practice, you’ve taken your own therapy practice into your hands and decided to build a business that suits you best. 

This can be an exciting and promising path to follow; however, there are some essential things to know about building a private practice, so it doesn’t become a frustrating and challenging process for you. 

While building a private practice, you’ll require a complete and detailed plan from the onset to keep you through the process of creating your business online

Before you begin the step-by-step guide below of building a private practice, make sure you have read through the foundations of how to start a private practice.

6 Steps to Building a Private Practice

1. Therapy Directories

Is using an online therapy directory the right move when you want to begin building a private practice? There are many therapists and counseling professionals who are on the fence on the matter of signing up their business for an online counseling directory. 

While this is understandable, creating an exceptional therapist directory may be time-consuming. Still, it’s important to remember that therapy directories offer an excellent output for the investment and time that goes into it.

When building an online counseling business, one thing you’re particular about is visibility. It would be best if you were visible enough for your potential clients to be able to reach you. 

For this reason, you need therapy directories when building a private practice. Listing your business on a therapy directory is more than just the art of including your business name, number, and other details on a website directory; it has many advantages that can help you when building a private practice online. They include the following:

  • helping to impress prospective clients with an appealing profile listing,
  • increasing online visibility for your business website, assuming you have developed one
  • helping people seeking help online to find your private practice.

Now that you know how essential therapy directories are, the next step is deciding which ones work best for you when building a private practice. 

Considering the variety of therapy directories, it’s crucial that you go with the ones that have more relevance to your business brand and higher yield potential. There are the many factors to consider, including the following:

  • The number of potential clients that look up to therapists or counselors in your community,
  • The ratio of available therapists and counselors to the potential clients that are available in your community,
  • Your profile quality,
  • Your website quality.


2. Video Conferencing

Telemedicine (also known as telehealth) is fast becoming the new resort for many patients, especially those requiring therapy or counseling on a different platform rather than in-person. 

This is due to the recent shift in how professional help is sought and the fact that the new age is almost entirely dependent on the internet. For someone who is building a private practice, video conferencing is one of the steps you should have in mind.

When building a private practice, video conferencing technology makes open dialogue between professionals and clients possible, making it as accurate as it should be in real-time. 

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has championed this, where more and more people keep resorting to video conferencing for consultation for such prevailing issues as anxiety, depression, relational problems, and other mental health struggles.

Using technology, when building a private practice, does not only help regarding convenience, but it also aids accessibility and cost of services. Video conferencing is even more reliable when it’s HIPAA-compliant. Some of the significant benefits of online counseling or therapy include:

  • It’s time-efficient for both you and your clients. It cuts out the need to commute and wait for an appointment. When you start building a private practice, you’re more concerned about building a community of clients as soon as possible. Offering them quick and efficient services is an effective way ensures clients willingness to return for follow up sessions.
  • It allows you to meet your ideal clients directly. Online therapy sessions will require a prior exchange of information and details that will help you, as a counselor, sift out those who aren’t suitable for your private practice. It gives you a better chance to attend to those you can best benefit from your skills & expertise.
  • One important factor that aids your consultation is comfort and the feeling of safety. When building a private practice, you want your clients to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Video conferencing helps your clients feel more comfortable around you, as it eliminates the social stigma around seeking help or therapy. With video conferencing, your clients can talk to you from the comfort and privacy of their homes.


3. Business Listings

Business listings are one of the several assets that can help you build brand awareness and give you a competitive advantage over similar businesses. While online therapy directories can significantly help your business when you start developing a private practice, other types of directories are called online business listings which can help you while building a private practice.

Business listings work like the old Yellow Pages, only that they have more benefits. They help your potential clients find you and get enough information about your private practice when they search for services relating to yours. Some of the benefits of business listings include:

  • Online presence

Listing your business in extensive business directories will help your online presence. When potential clients look up your business on search engines, like Google, your business comes up in both registered and unregistered directories. This is a critical factor when building a private practice.

  • Local visibility

Aside from referrals, the next leading source where your new clients come from is online searches. So, when you have your business listed in directories, it makes it easier for people around you to find you. New clients are more likely to find your private practice when you have it listed on local business listings.

  • Easy discovery

When your information is up to date on different local directories, it makes it easier for potential clients to find your business with an online search. Even when people don’t directly search for your business name, include service-related keywords within your business description located on the listing that can help your business be discovered easily.

  • Brand awareness

While building a private practice, you should know that brand awareness is vital for your business. Having awareness of your service allows a potential client to easily recognize you versus other counseling businesses. 

Increasing your brand awareness is highly recommended as a long-term marketing strategy which can support in helping you generate more client referrals while you are building a private practice.

4. Review Listings

When building a private practice, you want to pay attention to online reviews. Online reviews play an essential role in influencing your potential customers and helping them to decide whether to patronize you or not. 

This is because potential clients will believe reviews from fellow clients even more than what you, the business owner, will tell them.

When building a private practice, you want to start pooling together reviews right from the beginning. Being a remote healthcare practitioner certainly comes with several responsibilities. 

However, one aspect you cannot afford to neglect is online reviews and testimonials. Potential clients believe so much in the reliability of online reviews that a good number will always check reviews or ask around before deciding to book a session with you.

It is important to develop a positive online reputation while building a private practice online. It’s a compelling asset that can help you attract the right clients. For potential clients, it’s generally the social proof they need to make the best decisions for the business to patronize.

Another reason you must consider review listings when building a private practice is the Google requirements for reviews and ratings. Google ensures that online reviews and ratings are an essential aspect of its ranking system, so much so that it introduced a “Reviews from the Web” aspect to its Knowledge Panel. 

This points out more reasons you should create procedures for review listings when building a private practice.

5. Website and Logo

Website and logo may appear like an unnecessary step to many private practitioners, especially when you consider that you may need to hire professionals to design a logo and a functioning website. 

However, when building a private practice, you should realize that a logo and a functioning website are critical to the growth and success of your business. 

There are several reasons you should include a website and logo into your strategic plan when building a private practice, which includes the following:

  • It helps to attract potential clients to your private practice when they’re searching online,
  • It gives you a space on the internet where you can connect with potential clients,
  • It helps you achieve the goal of growing and increasing your business clientele.

Some of the advantages of having a brand website and logo when building a private practice are;

  • For marketing purposes

Nowadays, a website is one of the best ways to advertise your business when building a private practice, especially when considering that it’s solely online. To be a great marketing avenue for your business, a website must have the following information,

  • Name of business,
  • Business type and offerings available,
  • The types of issues you treat,
  • Your client avatar – age, populating and classification of the target audience,
  • Fee rate, availability, and every other related information,
  • Extra offerings.
  • To find the right clients

Websites allow you to advertise directly to the clients you’re trying to reach. This results from the keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and other necessary steps involved. 

If you properly build a website targeted at clients with anxiety disorder, for example, that is the category of people that will find you. You need to take advantage of this when building a private practice.

  • To build credibility

There is no better way to build credibility when building a private practice than to use a website. People are more internet-inclined nowadays and will put more trust in a business that has a well-detailed website.

6. Social Media Business Accounts

No business that wants to thrive today will not use any social media platforms. It is indeed an affordable way to encourage business exposure when building a private practice.

The different social media platforms offer radical targeting options for your business. They can help you expand your online presence when building a private practice, help you reach more clients, and make the most of your marketing expenses.

When you take advantage of social media platforms, specifically the business accounts, you give yourself a better opportunity while building a private practice that reaches a broader community. 

This is because social media platforms are some of the most populated spaces on the internet today. Facebook alone has over 2.2 billion users and offers you a broad audience reach when you utilize it, like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and the likes.

Ready To Build Your Private Practice?

When building a private practice, it can be a daunting yet exciting experience. It may be due to the need to make more income, help a specific set of people, or have the thrill of working for yourself. Whatever your reason, it’s essential to follow the above proper steps to building a private practice.

With these steps in mind, you’re sure on your way to successfully building a private practice. Now, once it is built, consider booking a coaching session. Work with a coach that can provide you with the support and guidance needed to grow your private practice so that you can have the abundance you need to succeed online. Contact Omar Ruiz, owner and business coach of Online Private Practice, to learn more about building your private practice today! Click below for your free consultation

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