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Setting Up A Google Business Profile For Therapists

If you are looking for guidance on how to set up and optimize a Google Business Profile for therapists, you’re in the right place! Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is an essential tool for improving your SEO strategy off your website. This is a free and easy tool to use that allows you to get your private practice in front of the eyes of new potential clients. This business profile can be found on Google Search and Google Maps when users search for target keywords and businesses near them. Google Business Profile is a local SEO tool that will work when users search locally. Learn below the advantages of Google Business Profile for your business and how you can set it up yourself and set your business on the right path to succeeding!

Top 5 Benefits of Google Business Profile For Therapists

Below are the five greatest benefits of creating and optimizing a Google Business Profile for your private practice and consulting business!

  1. It puts your name in front of potential new clients in your local area.
  2. It lets you choose categories for your business and list the types of therapy and counseling services you offer.
  3. It makes it easy for new and current clients to contact or visit your website.
  4. Lets you share photos of your practice, post business and service updates with pictures, and post offers and specials.
  5. Collects reviews from clients and be able to reply to those reviews right away, which optimizes your ranking and shows Google you are a trustworthy business. It also builds a positive reputation and client relationship.

How To Set Up A Google Business Profile For Your Private Practice

Whether your practice is online or in person, setting up a Google Business Profile and getting your private practice out there is easy! Getting your name in front of new clients takes no time and is worth every second. Below are the simple steps to set up a Google Business Profile for your private practice. 

  1. Create Your Profile

Creating your profile for Google Business Profile is the first step. Log into your Gmail account if you have one, or make an account if you don’t. Once signed in, you can create your profile by adding your business to Google. There may be a chance your business is already created, and you would need to request ownership to access that profile.

  1. Choose A Category and Select Locations

Next, you will choose the category for your business and type in your business name exactly as it appears on your website. Examples of business categories for therapists include mental health consultant, psychotherapist, counselor, marriage counselor, family counselor, and more. After you click “next”, you can add a physical location if you accept clients in person at your practice. You can then add a service area including all the towns your clients come from, which will help expand your visibility when users search locally.

  1. Update Contact Information

The next step in setting up your Google Business Profile is including your business phone number and a link to the website. This will allow users to contact you with a consistent phone number across the web. To show you are a real and reliable business, Google likes to see consistent phone numbers across local listings online. Including your website is a great way to generate traffic and track it back to your Business profile.

  1. Verify Your Business

Verifying the listing is the last step in setting up your Google Business Profile. Once you submit all the necessary information, Google will send a postcard to the address listed to verify your business exists, and the listing can be created and visible. This may take up to five days, but once you receive the 5-digit code, enter it on the profile, and the listing will go live! 

Monitoring And Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

After the setup is complete and your business is verified, monitoring and optimizing your business profile is crucial. Users will click on the business profile to learn more about your business, including your hours and services, so it is important to keep that information updated. Adding posts about business updates, offers, and photos of your services is excellent for showing potential clients that you are active and posting helpful tips and tricks. Responding to reviews that you receive, both positive and negative, is ideal for building client relationships as well as a positive reputation for new clients who are considering booking with you. Replying to reviews and including important keywords about your services in those responses is great for your SEO strategy and will show Google you are a reliable practice. When tracking your conversions and traffic at the end of the month, you can determine which comes from your Google Business Profile and how you want to improve those numbers and your ranking moving forward.

Setting Up Your Google Business Profile With Our Private Practice Coach:

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